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the coming retirement crisis documentary

The Coming Retirement Crisis

The Coming Retirement Crisis is a 2018 documentary about the looming Baby Boomer retirement crisis, primarily in America but also in the wider world. The presenter Raoul Pal asks numerous hard hitting questions such as ‘Cam we afford to retire?’, ‘How will the coming crisis impact your life?’, ‘What risks are you unknowingly taking with your […]
john nash game theory documentary watch

American Experience: A Brilliant Madness

The 2002 documentary tells the story of John Nash, the renowned mathematician whose genius was cut short by mental illness. Nash was an eccentric but extremely gifted mathematician at MIT who, at the age of 30, began to claim that he was claiming to communicate with aliens as a special messenger. Nash was subsequently diagnosed with […]
black wednesday documentary bbc

Black Wednesday

‘Black Wednesday’ in politics and economics is the name given to the 16th September 1992, when the British Government was forced to withdraw from the pound sterling from the European Exchange Rate Mechanism (ERM) after the value of the currency fell below the minimum agreed level. The British Government estimated the cost of Black Wednesday […]