Panorama: The Bank of Tax Cheats

The Bank of Tax Cheats is a 2015 BBC Panorama episode which reveals how HSBC, Britain’s biggest bank, helped some of its wealthiest customers to dodge tax. The reporter Richard Bilton claims that HSBC knew that many clients were breaking the law but didn’t report them and they have not been prosecuted.

Bilton tracks down and confronts some of the tax cheats who have secrets to hide, as well as the man in charge of the bank. The BBC became aware that HSBC had helped wealthy clients evade hundreds of millions of pounds thanks to details of accounts leaked by whistle-blower Herve Falciani in 2007, approximately 7,000 clients based in the UK were implicated in the scandal. HMRC were also provided with this data and they found that 1,100 British people out of that 7,000 had not paid their taxes.

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